Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween Banquette Preparations

 My friend Lydia and I are preparing for a Halloween Banquette. We've been making decorations on the weekends and deciding what we will be cooking.
Sat I went to a yard sale and found this clock with glass dome for $3.
 The doll parts I bought a few years ago, baby Patsy, may she rest in peaces.
 Baby Patsy's eyes are sufficiently creepy for a dinner party so I took the clock apart and spray painted the base black then assembled everything below.
I'm not completely happy with it though, I plan to do a little bit of tweaking to it. Add some black velvet and rearrange everything.
Lydia had found a bunch of wooden candlesticks at a yard sale and we painted all of them black yesterday as well.

We plan to have lots of candles lit for this dinner.
 Last weekend we made paper mache bones and we painted them this weekend.
We also got our spider egg sacks done...

 We altered some old cracked giant Christmas candles by spray painting the outside matte black and then lighting them and dripping red wax down the sides...
 Last weekend I got an oval shaped urn with a fruit bouquet in it from the thrift store and Lydia and I painted the whole thing black, fruit and all. We cut down a few tree branches and painted them black as well. This is our centerpiece.

 A little moss added here and there...

 And then lots of spider webs and spiders!
 We've still got lots of spiders to add to the webbing and we're going to have them hanging down by single threads as well.
There will be more decor to come next weekend!