Friday, April 23, 2010

Two little witches - My grandma & her sister

I have been entrusted with all of our family photos and while looking through them I found an old album that belonged to my grandma. When I saw this little picture my heart melted. That little cutie on the left is my grandma Mary Virginia and one of her sisters in on the right. The photo was actually only approx 2"x2" and the entire left side and all the grass at the bottom was missing. I had a little Photoshop session to restore it to this full picture.
Normally when I find old pictures at flea markets I will share them with others freely but this one is all mine. 
I'm planning some neat mixed media Halloween artwork with it.

Do not share without permission -if you want to blog please give full credit, do not use in artwork, do not sell, reproduce nor distribute this photo in anyway. It belongs to Thespoena McLaughlin 2010